Release Update: ZONTAL Space 2.2.6

Abstract image of a tunnel made of blue binary code (0s and 1s), representing the flow and processing of digital data.

ZONTAL Space 2.2.6 is here, ready to manage your data under the most intricate demands. Large enterprises find themselves frequently forced to setup multiple instances of the same solution in a variety of countries and regions. The main reasons are local legislator’s requirements such as GDPR or restricted health care records. ZONTAL Space was designed to give customers a single holistic enterprise solution. This most recent release enables you to not only comply with arbitrary legislators, but also with corporate policies and the plethora of regulatory agencies.

Download our whitepaper on data centricity.

We commonly find ourselves in a situation where regulations and security needs have to be balanced with a system’s performance and features. Depending on your data, you might want to either store them protected in your on-premises secure data zone or share them through the cloud with your collaborators, like contract research organizations. A key technology that enables this variety of use cases is Kubernetes. With Kubernetes, ZONTAL Space can be deployed on any infrastructure, for example a combination of on-premise and cloud solutions. These hybrid clouds allow for storage options to be tuned precisely to local needs. While your manufacturing site might require instant updates to be published, your compound library might need to reside under highest security standards. With Kubernetes, ZONTAL Space is able to manage both use cases simultaneously; within one instance.

Another common problem with scale is performance. A previous ZONTAL Space release introduced Elastic Search as a high performant search engine. However, it is one thing to find data fast and another to access the data in a reasonable manner. Using granulated storage setup and background data protocols, ZONTAL Space now ensures that your data is available where it is most needed while providing fast access for your downstream processing.

What happens, if your system collapses? With Kubernetes, ZONTAL Space is now delivering true elastic scale and full failure resilience. It instantly springs back into action through automatic recovery protocols. No need to wake your application manager in the middle of the night.