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Synthetic Chemistry Powering Scientific Innovation

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A scientist in safety goggles conducts an experiment, representing ZONTAL's work in synthetic chemistry A diagram showing ZONTAL's synthetic chemistry and data integration solutions for Mass Spectrometry.
Diagram showing ZONTAL's synthetic chemistry and data integration solutions.
Advanced Chemistry Integration

Optimized Workflows and Enhanced Data Accuracy

In the realm of synthetic chemistry, our solution embodies the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, such as NMR, mass spectrometry, solid-state chemistry, and chromatography, with the ZONTAL platform. This integration facilitates seamless interaction with electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and registration systems, streamlining experimental workflows and ensuring data accuracy from start to finish.

With automated analysis and data routing capabilities, researchers can efficiently navigate through complex datasets, unlocking valuable insights to drive innovation.

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Accelerating Discovery

Empowering Chemists with Comprehensive Tools

Our approach extends beyond mere data management; it’s about empowering chemists to delve deeper into their research. By incorporating best-of-breed tools like Mnova for structural verification and supporting solid-state chemistry analyses, we enable a comprehensive understanding of material properties.

This holistic view not only enhances decision-making but also accelerates the pace of discovery, propelling your synthetic chemistry endeavors to new heights.

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