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Seamless Data Integration for Research Advancement
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Key Features of Data Preservation

ZONTAL enables organizations worldwide to access descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
Streamling Archival Processes
Enhanced Data Safety and Accessibility
Laboratory Operations Transformation
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Long-Term Data Management

Enabling Long-Term Accessible Storage Solutions

ZONTAL stands at the forefront of data preservation, redefining the way valuable data is stored and managed over time. With a focus on long-term archival, ZONTAL ensures your data is not only safe but also structured for easy access and reuse. This meticulous organization of data aids in everything from research and development to regulatory reporting, fostering an environment of data-driven decision-making.

Our Digital Lab solution effortlessly converts large data volumes into insightful assets, while our Data Preservation solution guarantees accessible, long-term storage.

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Data Management for Continuous Innovation

Imagine a world where your laboratory’s transformation is swift and efficient. ZONTAL makes this a reality through its robust platform. From high-throughput data ingestion and protected records to role-based access and seamless integration with existing systems, every aspect of your data’s lifecycle is optimized.

ZONTAL’s intuitive interface and sophisticated search functionalities empower users to manage and retrieve information independently, ensuring that your data is not just preserved, but also a living, accessible resource for continuous innovation.

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Transform Your Scientific Workflow With Data Preservation

Transform Data Management for Empowered Research Advancement

Efficient Data Ingestion and Conversion

  • High Throughput Auto-scaling to accommodate intensive data ingestion.
  • Long-Term Format Conversion of data into vendor-neutral formats suitable for preservation.

Intuitive Data Management and Access

  • Advanced Search Capabilities Metadata-driven search and filtering.
  • Role-Based Access Tailored user roles for controlled data accessibility.

Seamless Data Sharing and Integrity

  • External System Integration Effortless data sharing with robust interfaces.
  • Electronic Signatures Authenticate data with electronic and digital signing capabilities.

Robust Data Archiving and Deletion

  • Customizable Retention Tag-based definition safely stores your data for as long as necessary.
  • Secure Backup Reliable data restoration and disaster recovery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers to All Your Questions About Data Preservation
ZONTAL revolutionizes data management by enabling seamless integration and empowering decision-making for research advancement, ensuring that valuable data is stored, managed, and utilized effectively.
ZONTAL's Digital Lab Solution offers swift laboratory transformation by optimizing every aspect of data management, from high-throughput ingestion to protected records and seamless integration with existing systems, facilitating continuous innovation.
ZONTAL stands at the forefront of data preservation, ensuring that data is structured for easy access and reuse, aiding research and development, regulatory reporting, and fostering a data-driven decision-making environment.
ZONTAL facilitates efficient data ingestion and conversion with features like high throughput, customizable permissions for data security, conversion of data into suitable preservation formats, and an intuitive self-service interface.
ZONTAL ensures data integrity and security through robust features such as external system integration for effortless data sharing, reliable data transfer with secured file transfers and electronic signatures, and customizable retention and deletion control for precise management of data processes.
Yes, ZONTAL offers role-based access, advanced search capabilities, and tailored user roles, ensuring that users can independently manage and retrieve data according to their specific needs, preferences, and permissions.
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