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X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

Designed to Bring Efficiency and Clarity to Your XRD Data Analysis
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Key Features of X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

ZONTAL enables organizations worldwide to access descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
Transform XRD Data Seamlessly
Innovative Visualization
Enhanced Interactivity
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XRD Analysis Transformed

Streamline and Clarify Your XRD Research

The ZONTAL XRD Application is a state-of-the-art tool designed to bring efficiency and clarity to your X-ray diffraction data analysis. This application is uniquely crafted to support both raw and analyzed XRD data, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data handling. With this, users gain the ability to import data seamlessly, paving the way for more streamlined research and analysis processes.

The application is meticulously developed to enhance your data interpretation. It features an interactive plot with 2Theta on the x-axis and counts on the y-axis, offering clear visualization of your data. The capacity to overlay multiple traces and datasets from different information packages on the same plot not only enhances the data analysis experience but also provides a deeper insight into your research outcomes.

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Revitalize XRD Data Analysis

Navigate and Share with Ease for Deeper Insights

The XRD Application interface allows for easy manipulation of data points, giving users the freedom to display data in various formats. Whether it’s adjusting the x and y values, normalizing data for better comparison, or switching to a waterfall view for layered analysis, the viewer caters to all your needs. Exporting your plots in HTML format is just a click away, ensuring that sharing and reporting your findings is hassle-free.

The application’s ability to handle variable humidity data sets adds another layer of versatility. With the inclusion of target humidity and temperature in trace names, the application facilitates a more detailed analysis, particularly beneficial in complex research scenarios.

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Transform Your Scientific Workflow With X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

Unparalleled Data Integration Meets Cutting-Edge Visualization

Effortless Data Ingestion and Display

  • Data Compatibility Supports both raw and analyzed XRD data.
  • Versatile Visualization Plot overlaying capabilities for comprehensive data comparison.

Advanced Viewer Interface

  • Customizable Axes Easy selection of data for both x and y-axes.
  • Interactive Features Options for normalization, waterfall views, and data hiding/showing.

Convenient Data Export and Management

  • Export Functionality Quickly export plots in HTML format for sharing and reporting.
  • User-Friendly Navigation Simple and intuitive navigation within the XRD Viewer.

Machine Learning for Everyone

  • Advanced Customization Customize models with your data.
  • Deployment Capability Deploy models on enterprise level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers to All Your Questions About X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
The ZONTAL XRD Application supports the import of both raw and analyzed XRD data, allowing for versatile data handling and in-depth analysis.
Yes, the XRD Viewer allows for overlaying multiple traces from different datasets, offering a comprehensive comparison and a more nuanced understanding of your XRD data.
Normalization in the XRD Viewer adjusts the data to a common scale, enhancing comparability. It includes options for baselining and normalizing raw data as well as adjusting the intensity of stick annotations in processed data.
Absolutely. The XRD Viewer provides an option to export your data plots in HTML format, making it convenient to share and integrate your findings into reports or presentations.
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