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Senior female scientist and young male researcher using ZONTAL for data analysis in a discovery biology lab. A diagram showing ZONTAL's synthetic chemistry and data integration solutions for Mass Spectrometry.
Overview of ZONTAL's discovery biology and data systems integration.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Discovery Biology

Unlock the full potential of discovery biology with ZONTAL’s tailored solutions. Our approach combines our powerful applications such as flow cytometry, plate reader, and mass spectrometry into a cohesive framework, alongside an integrated image hub. With ZONTAL, departments can swiftly access and leverage crucial information, fostering seamless collaboration and accelerating research outcomes.

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Scientist in a lab coat using a tablet next to a microscope in a laboratory.
Simplifying Metadata Configuration

Streamlined Deployment and Instrument Integration

Configure your metadata effortlessly over a common vocabulary, ensuring data findability and interoperability. Adopt our product as is, and let us handle the deployment process seamlessly. With ZONTAL, bridge any gaps in instrument types with our comprehensive gap analysis, ensuring your research ecosystem remains robust and future-proof.


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A male scientist with curly hair and a lab coat examines a sample through a microscope in a laboratory.

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