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Exploring the ZONTAL Platform - Flow Cytometry Spotlight

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View Our Latest Webinar:

Exploring the ZONTAL Platform -
Flow Cytometry Spotlight

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Data Platform

Scientific Data Management, Workflow Execution, and Insights 

Automate data flow, increase process efficiency, eliminate manual data entry and gain insights with ZONTAL’s Life Science Data Platform.

Life Science Analytics

Instantly see and analyze your data. Don’t guess data content, use interactive visual exploration tools to rapidly spin up your own visualizations as enterprise applications.



Digital Lab

The lab of the future evolves around data and interconnected devices, and ZONTAL makes this a reality by effectively managing information. We make data available in a structured and centralized way, which simplifies research, development, and quality control.

Data Preservation

Digitally archiving data is an important requirement, and ZONTAL has established this critical process. We are the first preservation solution in the pharmaceutical industry that is fully compliant with the OAIS ISO standard.






Worldwide Offices


Files analyzed monthly

All-New ZONTAL Application

ZONTAL presented an all-new Flow Cytometry application at SLAS 2023 in San Diego, CA, USA. Click the link below to view Dr. Dennis Della Corte’s Lunch & Learn Presentation and be among the first to see this application— which launched April 10th, 2023.


Use Cases and Whitepapers


Use Cases and Whitepapers

Whitepaper: Digital Content Preservation

Digital content is an asset and a liability. ZONTAL was designed to protect, preserve, and enable reuse of digital content.


The roll out of ZONTAL enabled four labs at three different sites to define a common vocabulary and a unified target process that increased productivity and reliability.

Whitepaper: Data-centric Architecture

Our customers frequently suffer from an application-centric infrastructure, where data is locked-down into siloes and data integration and reuse is limited by incompatible or missing interfaces.

Rethinking scientific data

ZONTAL's Key Features


Key Features

One stop shop for all data assets

Data-centric workflows and full lab automation enable efficient digital management, improve research outcomes, reduce IT footprint, and lower operational costs.

Format agnostic

Intelligent ingests facilitate efficient data management for all data formats and fully integrate scientific and non-scientific data through semantic technologies.

Reusable data

Attain truly findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data to eliminate the need for repeated experiments and establish a foundation for machine learning and AI.

Regulatory compliance

Generate submission documentation automatically for faster time-to-market and always maintain highest integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

Information lifecycle management

Successful data management creates new insights from reusing data enriched with context, process, and product information.

Standardized APIs

Quickly connect to all data sources and consumers across the entire enterprise for unambiguous communication and rapid integration.


Comprehensive Integrations



ZONTAL ships with support for over 400 data types, offering industry-leading out of the box Instrument Connectivity. ZONTAL ensures comprehensive integration, so if an instrument is not presently integrated our team can get to work on a solution in parallel with other projects. ZONTAL’s internal development team is expanding our degree of instrument connectivity weekly, and can rapidly produce integrations fill any gap. Click below to explore the current list:

Global network

Our Partners

Read our whitepaper on data centricity
to learn more about how ZONTAL
has revolutionized workflows worldwide:

Read our whitepaper on data centricity
to learn more about how ZONTAL
has revolutionized workflows worldwide:

Updates & More




Digital Preservation
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