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What We Solve

Transforming Data Management with Unmatched Efficiency and Insight
Data Preservation

for ongoing work and from legacy systems

Digitalization of the Lab

with bi-directional data and metadata among instruments, robots, and collaborators

FAIR Data Platform

to unlock data science initiatives in a open standard and ontology

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Innovative Life
Science Solutions

Tailored to Meet Your Unique Scientific Needs

Seamlessly configure metadata using a unified vocabulary to boost data findability and interoperability.

Discovery Biology
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Streamline navigation through complex datasets with our sophisticated automated analysis and data routing capabilities.

Synthetic Chemistry
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Simplify the archiving process on our platform, ensuring the preservation of valuable data and facilitating easy access.

ELN Archiving
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Spanning discovery to manufacturing, our enterprise solution tackles challenges comprehensively at every stage.

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Life Science Data Management

ZONTAL transforms lab operations with integrated analytics and data science:

  • Eliminates data wrangling
  • Instantly analyzes data
  • Unlimited analytics potential
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