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What We Solve

What We Solve

Transforming Data Management with Unmatched Efficiency and Insight
Data Preservation

for ongoing work and from legacy systems

Digitalization of the Lab

with bi-directional data and metadata among instruments, robots, and collaborators

FAIR Data Platform

to unlock data science initiatives in a open standard and ontology

Innovative Life
Science Solutions

Tailored to Meet Your Unique Scientific Needs

Seamlessly configure metadata using a unified vocabulary to boost data findability and interoperability.

Discovery Biology

Streamline navigation through complex datasets with our sophisticated automated analysis and data routing capabilities.

Synthetic Chemistry

Simplify the archiving process on our platform, ensuring the preservation of valuable data and facilitating easy access.

ELN Archiving

Spanning discovery to manufacturing, our enterprise solution tackles challenges comprehensively at every stage.

Ready to Transform <br> Your _Data Management?_

Ready to Transform
Your Data Management?

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Life Science Data Management
Leading the way

Life Science Data Management

ZONTAL transforms lab operations with integrated analytics and data science:

  • Eliminates data wrangling
  • Instantly analyzes data
  • Unlimited analytics potential
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