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Flow Cytometry

Integrate All Major Flow Cytometry Systems and Formats
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Female life scientist in a lab coat and gloves working on a laptop with laboratory equipment. A diagram showing ZONTAL's data integration solutions for Mass Spectrometry.

Key Features of Flow Cytometry

ZONTAL enables organizations worldwide to access descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
Single-Point of Integration and Automation
Auto-Convert Data into Standard Formats
Enrich and Link Data Intelligently
A diagram showing ZONTAL's data integration solutions for Mass Spectrometry.
Automated robotic system handling samples in a high-tech lab.
Streamlined Experiment Process

Automating Flow Cytometry Experiments

ZONTAL redefines data management in Flow Cytometry, offering a groundbreaking platform that integrates and automates your entire experiment process. From data entry to execution, ZONTAL ensures your data flows seamlessly to the user.

Say goodbye to tedious manual data transformations and file copying; ZONTAL automates these processes, transforming data into the necessary formats for each system while preserving its integrity.

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Scientist analyzes cells with flow cytometry.
Data Integrity Through Automation

Intelligent Metadata Enrichment

Enhance your scientific research with ZONTAL’s intelligent metadata enrichment. As data is ingested, essential terms like Project, Experiment, or Sample are automatically added, freeing scientists from manual input.

ZONTAL guarantees that all your data, including Plate Maps, *.fcs files, and *.wsp files, are managed as a coherent dataset, eliminating the risk of lost data. Ready for downstream analytics, your data is stored in a vendor-neutral format, paving the way for advanced data science applications.

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Transform Your Scientific Workflow With Flow Cytometry

Simplify Data Access Throughout an Experiment's Lifecycle

Comprehensive Integrations

  • Seamless System Integration Integrations with major systems like FlowJo™ and more.
  • Compatibility and Speed Ensure rapid deployment across diverse flow cytometry applications.

Data Management and Accessibility

  • Universal Data Capture Instantly ingests data from key Flow Cytometry systems.
  • Efficient Data Management and Access Quickly find data in a comprehensive catalog by project, experiment, or sample.

Advanced Visualization and Data Analysis

  • Interactive Visuals Replaces static documents with interactive visualization tools.
  • Collaborative Verification Simplifies reusing compensation factors and gating for verification.

Streamlined Research and Deployment Process

  • Clear Cost Structure for Implementation Fixed implementation costs for transparent system production.
  • Enhanced Deployment and SSO Integration Flexible deployment and SSO integration for an enhanced user experience.
Female life scientist in a lab coat smiling while using a tablet, representing ZONTAL's innovative platform.
Seamlessly Integrate _ZONTAL_ Into Your Existing Workflow

Seamlessly Integrate ZONTAL Into Your Existing Workflow

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FlowJo™ Software enables single-cell flow cytometry analysis that helps unlock your data insights

BD FACSymphony™

BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzers enable high-parameter analysis for a wide array of applications

Cytek Aurora™

Aurora delivers next-level flexibility through full-spectrum technology that enables diverse fluorochrome

Miltenyi MACSQuant VYB™

Featuring a unique optical bench fit with violet, yellow, and blue lasers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers to All Your Questions About Flow Cytometry
ZONTAL simplifies data integration by providing a single-point integration platform that seamlessly connects with major Flow Cytometry systems. This eliminates the need for manual data handling and ensures smooth data flow throughout the experiment process.
Yes, ZONTAL excels in data transformation tasks by automating the process, thus eliminating the need for manual translations and file copying. It automatically transforms data into the required formats, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
ZONTAL ensures efficient data management and accessibility by capturing and ingesting data from all major Flow Cytometry systems. Additionally, it provides a rich data catalog that facilitates easy data retrieval based on project, experiment, or sample properties.
Absolutely! ZONTAL offers advanced visualization tools that replace static documents, allowing users to interact with their data dynamically. Moreover, it facilitates collaborative verification by enabling the re-application of compensation factors and gating strategies.
ZONTAL provides flexible deployment options, including transparent system production with fixed implementation costs. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with Single Sign-On (SSO) systems, enhancing the overall user experience and security.
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