Disruptive Technologies Pave the Path to the Lab of the Future

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PROVO, USA, November 12, 2019 / B3C newswire / — ZONTAL, a leading provider of interconnected information management products and member of the OSTHUS Group, will present ZONTAL Space at the Lab of the Future Congress on November 13th-14th, 2019 in Cambridge, UK. ZONTAL Space provides access to the full scope of enterprise data in a single platform and enables fast roll-ins of enterprise scale solutions.

ZONTAL Space ensures highest data integrity, full GxP compliance, and complete access for reuse of all digital assets. ZONTAL Space can be launched rapidly for Proof-of-Concepts. Within days, the ability to standardize and harmonize data can become available. Assets managed within ZONTAL Space are always ready for the next audit and long for your data science applications.

Download our whitepaper on process harmonization.

ZONTAL Space is the foundational layer for true digitalization. Its key components are threefold. First, a staging service that harmonizes data from potentially globally distributed sources. Second, a preservation service that ensures full lifecycle management with detailed audit trail capabilities. Third, integration services that connect your assets to a variety of advanced data analytics capabilities. Either as a full-scale platform, or in components that enhance current IT landscapes, ZONTAL Space pushes the limits of true digitalization.

With over 20 years of experience in the regulated industries, ZONTAL engineered a fully GxP pre-qualified platform that is ready for roll in. ZONTAL CEO Wolfgang Colsman states: “Inspired by 20+ years’ experience in Data Management and Allotrope, we built ZONTAL Space to guide successful digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry. Follow our lead and enter a better future.”