Team ZONTAL August 15, 2023 No Comments

Bayesian Flow Networks: A Paradigm Shift in Generative Modeling

Generative modeling has undergone a transformative journey in recent times, thanks to the emergence of powerful neural networks. These networks possess an unprecedented ability to capture intricate relationships among diverse variables, revolutionizing our capacity to create coherent models for high-resolution images and complex data. This shift is attributed to the art of decomposing joint distributions […]

Beyond Traditional AI: Embracing Multimodal Challenges with Meta-Transformer

Introduction In the realm of pharmaceutical research, the quest to unlock groundbreaking insights often requires navigating through a vast sea of diverse data modalities. Imagine a powerful tool that can seamlessly process and integrate information from text, images, audio, 3D point clouds, video, graphs, and more, transcending the limitations of conventional AI approaches. Enter “Meta-Transformer: […]