Integrated Sample Analysis Workflow

Webinar: Integrated Sample Analysis

IDBS (e-Workbook), AGU (SDC), and ZONTAL (FAIR Data Hub), Demonstrate End-to-End Sample Workflow

IDBS and ZONTAL have teamed up with AGU to provide an end-2-end solution for common problems encountered during the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. Among these problems are automation of experimental design, data capture, data cleaning, and data reporting. We leverage standardized data formats to increase data quality by contextualizing the raw data according to data models with descriptive information. Further, we create a tight connection between the experiment and researchers by removing artificial boundaries and giving full access to reusable data at all times. Through audit trailing, we keep track of full data lineage and changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure a reduction of workflow related errors. This presentation highlights the strengths of our three-way collaboration and provides tangible insights through a live demonstration.

Watch the on-demand webinar here.