Proceedings from the Fall 2020 Allotrope Connect

Fall 2020 Allotrope Proceedings

The ZONTAL FAIR Data Platform is powered by the Allotrope Data Format (ADF), enabling the hub to manage information and make it easily accessible and searchable. An industry recognized data storage standard, ADF is accessible to a plurality of systems and information producers.

Read the following paper, co-authored by CSO Dennis Della Corte, for an overview of the history of the Allotrope Data Format, its current applications, and its future potential.


The Allotrope Foundation (AF) is a group of pharmaceutical, device vendor, and software companies that develops and releases technologies [the Allotrope Data Format (ADF), the Allotrope Foundation Ontology (AFO), and the Allotrope Data Models (ADM)] to simplify the exchange of electronic data. We present here the first comprehensive history of the AF, its structure, a list of members and partners, and an introduction to the technologies. Finally, we provide current insights into the adoption and development of the technologies by summarizing the Fall 2020 Allotrope Connect virtual conference. This overview provides an easy access to the AF and highlights opportunities for collaboration.

Paper Highlights:

  • Allotrope Foundation sets out to solve the data-exchange problem.
  • More than a dozen pharma and vendor companies contribute to the Allotrope Foundation.
  • Allotrope Foundation released a mature technology stack to harmonize lab data.
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