Flow Cytometry

A single point of integration and automation for Flow Cytometry experiments

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Simplify the day-to-day data flow for scientific teams

  1. Data is entered once, and the data automatically flows to the user through the execution of the experiment.

  2. Data is automatically transformed into the format each consuming system requires. No more manual transformations or translations to get data from one system to another.

  3. No copying of files. All data can be automatically captured and preserved by ZONTAL.

  4. The metadata is enriched on ingestion. Additional terms like Project, Experiment, or sample etc. can automatically be added to the data, without the scientist manually entering these values.

  5. All data captured during the experiment is automatically linked (or stored) together. Plate Maps, *.fcs files, and *.wsp files are managed as a data set. No more lost data.

  6. All data is converted and stored in a vendor-neutral format ready for downstream analytics and data science.

Want to see this application in action?

ZONTAL’s CSO, Dr. Dennis Della Corte, recently hosted a webinar presentation titled ‘Exploring the ZONTAL Platform – Flow Cytometry Spotlight’. 

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Integrations for Flow Cytometry

Rapidly deploy through out-of-the-box integrations with all major flow cytometry systems and data formats.


FlowJo™ Software enables single-cell flow cytometry analysis that helps unlock your data insights with accessible features for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, plate screening assays and more.

Read More on the Vendor’s Website

BD FACSymphony™

BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzers enable high-parameter analysis for a wide array of applications, including phenotyping of human blood, analysis of murine leucocyte subsets and assessment of surface markers of human ILC1 cells.

Read More on the Vendor’s Website

Cytek Aurora™

Aurora delivers next-level flexibility through full-spectrum technology that enables diverse fluorochrome combination use without system reconfiguration for each application. Across a wide array of assay complexities, high-resolution data is delivered at the single-cell level to resolve the most challenging cell populations.

Read More on the Vendor’s Website

Miltenyi MACSQuant VYB™

Featuring a unique optical bench fit with violet, yellow, and blue lasers, the MACSQuant VYB™ brings unique capabilities. The YVB also features key attributes of all MACSQuant units such as automation, performance, convenience, and compactness. The VYB is perfect for labs utilizing fluorescent protein reporters or those looking to use PE and FITC conjugates.

Read More on the Vendor’s Website

Additional Integrations:

Beckman Coulter 
Sony Biotechnology 
Bio-Rad Laboratories
EMD Millipore 
Union Biometrica 
NanoCellect Biomedical

*References here in no way indicate any formal relationship or endorsement by the respective companies.

Streamline data access through the lifetime of an experiment

  • Flow Cytometry data is captured and ingested from all major Flow Cytometry systems, including plate maps and processed data.

  • A rich data catalog allows for scientists to find data using project, experiment or sample properties.

  • Interactive visualization replaces static PDF documents and PowerPoint slides.

  • Re-apply compensation factors and gating strategies to verify results from all internal and external global collaborators.

  • These reports can be saved and placed into other consuming systems (including a link to reports in ZONTAL).

  • Data (.wsp, .fcs, plate maps) can be downloaded and re-loaded in either the instrument software or FlowJo (or any other analysis software) in one click.

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Data Platform

Scientific Data Management, Workflow Execution, and Insights 

Automate data flow, increase process efficiency, eliminate manual data entry and gain insights with ZONTAL’s Life Science Data Platform.

Life Science Analytics

Instantly see and analyze your data. Don’t guess data content, use interactive visual exploration tools to rapidly spin up your own visualizations as enterprise applications.



Digital Lab

The lab of the future evolves around data and interconnected devices, and ZONTAL makes this a reality by effectively managing information. We make data available in a structured and centralized way, which simplifies research, development, and quality control.

Data Preservation

Digitally archiving data is an important requirement, and ZONTAL has established this critical process. We are the first preservation solution in the pharmaceutical industry that is fully compliant with the OAIS ISO standard.

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