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Archiving made easy from ingestion to deletion

Keep your data safe and easy to access

Data is your most valuable asset, which is why it must be carefully structured and stored. ZONTAL has been designed for long-term archival, while also making information easy to manage, access, and reuse. By keeping the data at your fingertips, ZONTAL helps you learn from existing information and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, thoroughly catalogued data provides wealth of resources for research and development, simplifies audit processes, and aids in the creation of regulatory reports.

ZONTAL is the key to this digitalization process, powerfully orchestrating teams, devices, and data. Our Digital Lab solution makes it possible to harness large amounts of data, converting it to assets that uncover valuable insights, while our Data Preservation solution enables long-term, accessible storage.

Accelerate Lab Transformation

Accelerate Lab Transformation

Learn how ZONTAL will deliver a rapid transformation of your laboratory into an expertly preserved operation:


Our digital hub takes data in, enriching it and converting to a format ideal for long-term archival.

  • Uploading: Information is either manually uploaded or imported in bulk. The data is then enriched with descriptions, which can be automatically retrieved from existing systems.
  • High throughput: We follow a micro-service architecture, meaning that ZONTAL can auto-scale to support intensive data ingestion.
  • Protected records: ZONTAL lets you fine-tune permissions, so that data is only editable by authorized persons.
  • Long-term data format: Our digital hub can convert all incoming information into a format that is suitable for long-term preservation. The original data is also preserved.


ZONTAL provides users with tools that simplify data management.

  • Self-service: ZONTAL has an intuitive interface that allows users to independently manage and retrieve information.
  • Searching and filtering: We provide a sophisticated search function that use metadata for filtering and locating the records you want.
  • Role-based access controls: ZONTAL provides different user roles, which lets you control who has access to what information.
  • Integration: Our digital hub can use the S3 protocol to access data storage, making it easy to integrate with solutions from other vendors.


You can easily and safely share data with external systems.

  • External access: It is easy for external systems to access the data in ZONTAL, using interfaces that support integration.
  • Reporting: Our digital hub provides multiple ways to access metadata and statistics, either via the user interface or exported as a file.
  • Data integrity: Whenever a file transfer occurs, it is secured using checksum validation to ensure there are no data discrepancies.
  • Electronic signatures: ZONTAL lets you electronically sign information packages, providing a mechanism for verifying the authenticity of data.


ZONTAL safely stores your data for as long as necessary, tracking important meta-information.

  • Retention rules: Defining the length of time for long-term archiving can be done by using tags, which clearly define the retention period.
  • Backup: ZONTAL has backup and store procedures, which means data can be restored when recovering from any disasters.
  • Audit trail: Modifications and accesses to the data are tracked, providing exact information that logs all important events.
  • Sensitive data: Our digital hub can be deployed according to designated regions, abiding by different sets of local regulations.


When data is no longer needed, deleting it is precise and straightforward.

  • Deletion of records: ZONTAL supports both manual and automated deletion of records, while preserving the audit trail and metadata.
  • Control: It is possible to set specific deletion controls, such as requiring multiple users to approve the process.
  • Granularity: Records can be preserved and deleted either individually or as part of a collection, according to your needs.

Read our whitepaper on data centricity
to learn more about how ZONTAL
has revolutionized workflows worldwide:

Read our whitepaper on data centricity
to learn more about how ZONTAL
has revolutionized workflows worldwide:


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