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Flow Cytometry

Webinar: Exploring the ZONTAL Platform - Flow Cytometry Spotlight

ZONTAL offers the first integrated digital transformation platform, featuring an all-new Biology Solution and our first application - Flow Cytometry. In this webinar, ZONTAL CSO, Dr. Dennis Della Corte, presents an overview of the ZONTAL Platform with a focus on ZONTAL's all-new application suite.

Seamless Data Integration

Press Release: ZONTAL & Mestrelab - Advanced Data Management & Analysis Integration

ZONTAL and Mestrelab announce integration of platforms for advanced analytical data management and analysis, providing scientists with a powerful solution for efficient and effective utilization of analytical data.

Protecting Biotech Innovations: A Robust and Future-Proof IP Solution
Securing Biotech's Future

Use Case: Protecting Biotech Innovations - A Robust and Future-Proof IP Solution

Protect your valuable IP with ZONTAL, the solution trusted by leading biotech companies for secure, compliant and cost-effective electronic lab notebook management. Read on to explore how ZONTAL has helped leading pharma and biotech companies achieve IP security.

Data Asset Self-Reporting in Pharma: A Publication
Tracking Pharmaceutical Data Assets

Publication: Data Asset Self-Reporting in Pharma

Discover the future of digital transformation in biopharma with our report, co-written by experts from BYU, ZONTAL, Agilent, Bristol Myers Squibb and more, exploring the need for self-reporting data assets and the available technologies for achieving FAIR data in the laboratory.

Empowering CDS with Methods Database Webinar
Maximizing Clinical Data Solutions

Webinar: Empowering CDS with Methods Database Webinar

Discover the digitized Methods Database solution for Empower CDS, presented by ZONTAL, Pistoia Alliance, and Agilent to optimize R&D and tackle data reproducibility challenges in Pharma.

Integrating Mnova and ZONTAL: A Webinar
Streamlining Lab Workflows

Webinar: Integrating MNova and ZONTAL

Join Mestrelab & ZONTAL's webinar to learn how they integrated Mnova & ZONTAL for seamless data exploration in research.

Streamlining Data Management with a FAIR Hub
Optimizing Data Flow

Webinar: Streamlining Data Management with a FAIR Hub

ZONTAL's FAIR Data Platfrom streamlines regulated data management, making it Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Rapidly deployed for organization-wide digital transformation, ZONTAL connects both data and people, breaking down data silos and unlocking the full potential of digital assets.

Webinar: Integrated Sample Analysis
Maximizing Productivity with Automated Solutions

Webinar: Integrated Sample Analysis

IDBS, AGU, and ZONTAL collaborate to provide an end-to-end solution for common challenges during the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, leveraging standardized data formats, removing artificial boundaries and providing full access to reusable data at all times with audit trailing to reduce workflow errors, as demonstrated in the on-demand webinar.

Publication: The Data-Centric Lab
Transforming Laboratories with Data-Driven Solutions

Publication: The Data-Centric Lab

Pharmaceutical firms must embrace data-centricity to thrive in the digital age. Four criteria are discussed to reach the post-modern lab stage.

Highlighting the Latest Innovations in Data-Driven Lab Workflows

Publication: Fall 2020 Allotrope Proceedings

The Allotrope Foundation's technologies (ADF, AFO, ADM) simplify electronic data exchange, with the ZONTAL FAIR data hub utilizing the Allotrope Data Format (ADF) for accessible and searchable information management.


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