Break Open Silos and
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ZONTAL’s empowers scientists to effectively manage, analyze,
and share data, supporting all scientific disciplines.

AI-Driven Analytics:
The Life Science
Data Platform

ZONTAL’s empowers scientists to effectively manage, analyze,
and share data, supporting all scientific disciplines.


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All New
Flow Cytometry

Simplify the day to day data flow for scientific teams with single point of integration and automation for Flow Cytometry experiments.


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Empowering Pharmaceutical Innovation: Meet ZONTAL

ZONTAL offers the leading data platform for the life science industry. We make digital transformation a reality as we deliver game changing solutions to some of the most complex enterprises. We reduce IT overhead, enable AI/ML applications, optimize time-to-market, and increase compliance. ZONTAL has offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Together with our integration and service partners, ZONTAL supports our customers globally, in any country and any time-zone.

  • Scalable and intuitive solutions
  • Regulatory compliant information management
  • Empowering digital transformation, collaboration, and preservation
  • Unlocking hidden value in previously disparate systems and data sets
  • Driving innovation towards prescriptive analytics and automation






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ZONTAL presented an all-new Flow Cytometry application at SLAS 2023 in San Diego, CA, USA. Click the link below to view Dr. Dennis Della Corte’s Lunch & Learn Presentation and be among the first to see this application.

Rethinking scientific data

ZONTAL's Key Features

One stop shop for all data assets

Data-centric workflows and full lab automation enable efficient digital management, improve research outcomes, reduce IT footprint, and lower operational costs.

Format agnostic

Intelligent ingests facilitate efficient data management for all data formats and fully integrate scientific and non-scientific data through semantic technologies.

Reusable data

Attain truly findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data to eliminate the need for repeated experiments and establish a foundation for machine learning and AI.

Regulatory compliance

Generate submission documentation automatically for faster time-to-market and always maintain highest integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

Information lifecycle management

Successful data management creates new insights from reusing data enriched with context, process, and product information.

Standardized APIs

Quickly connect to all data sources and consumers across the entire enterprise for unambiguous communication and rapid integration.

Why Choose Us

ZONTAL Difference

Expertise in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With 6+ years of consultancy experience in the pharmaceutical industry, ZONTAL has the knowledge and understanding to effectively address the unique challenges and needs of life sciences organizations.

Regulatory Compliance

Our digital hub solution is the first regulatory compliant out-of-the-box solution in the industry, ensuring that all of your information is accessible, reusable, and fully compliant.

Efficiency and Scalability

Our products are designed with scalability and intuitive design in mind, enabling quick and broad adoption within large companies. This leads to reduced IT overhead and optimized time-to-market.

Unlocking Hidden Data Value

Our integrations create intelligent information for data-driven decision making, allowing our customers to gain full access to the hidden value in their previously disjoint data.


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Zontal Team

Meet Our Team

Wolfgang Colsman

Wolfgang Colsman


Across 20 years of consultancy in the pharmaceutical industry, Wolfgang Colsman experienced that the lack of integration between data systems is one of the biggest challenges to life sciences organizations in their digital transformation. Wolfgang founded ZONTAL in 2016 to solve pharmaceutical data challenges worldwide. Together with leading pharma companies, Wolfgang created ZONTAL’s Life Science Data Platform – a digital lab solution that empowers global enterprises to integrate, enrich, preserve, and reuse their data across the business value chain. Further, Wolfgang inspired ZONTAL’s focus on scalability and intuitive design, enabling quick and broad adoption within large companies worldwide. 

Bill Russo

Vice President of Sales

Bill Russo is the Vice President of Sales at ZONTAL. Over the past 20 years, Bill has worked with customers to understand the value of Enterprise Data Management, ELNs, LIMS, and Registration Systems across the discovery to manufacturing continuum. Bill uses his 7 years of experience as a bench scientist to ensure that every deployed solution provides tangible benefits to the end-user community while keeping the corporate goals in focus.

Dr. Dennis Della Corte, PhD

Dr. Dennis Della Corte, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Prof. Dennis Della Corte leads the Life Science Analytics team as Chief Science Officer of ZONTAL and is the acting director of the Consortium of Molecular Design at Brigham Young University. His work is focussed on building the laboratory of the future, through better datasets, algorithms, training strategies. Formerly, he worked at Bayer AG as Global IT Project manager and obtained a PhD in Computational Biophysics at FZ Jülich in collaboration with Stanford University. He also holds Master's Degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.

Rethink Scientific Data with ZONTAL

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