Allotrope Connect 2020

2020 Fall Allotrope Connect

Join us for this fall’s Allotrope Connect, where experts from various organizations will explore how the Allotrope Framework can help organizations leverage their data in the best possible way.

Founded in 2012, the Allotrope Foundation is an international consortium of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and other scientific research-intensive industries that is developing advanced data architecture to transform the acquisition, exchange, and management of laboratory data throughout its complete lifecycle.

For registration and more information, please visit the event page. Below are selected talks from the program (all times in EDT).

Day 1 (Sep 30) – Click here for the full blog post

11 AM – Making the digital lab a reality at Novartis with ZONTAL – An Allotrope Framework based FAIR data hub

  • Wolfgang Colsman (ZONTAL), Ralph Haefeli & Olivia Meier (Novartis)
  • Summary: Use cases employing ZONTAL’s data hub on Novartis’ data

Day 2 (Oct 5)– Click here for the full blog post

10 AM – Supporting the Allotrope Foundation with scientific publications – an open invite

  • Dennis Della Corte (Brigham Young University)
  • Summary: Discussion of scientific publications and invitation to join the initiative

11 AM – Seamless integration of OpenLab CDS with ZONTAL Space – Implementing the Pistoia method model

  • Ralph Mueller (Agilent), Wolfgang Colsman (ZONTAL)
  • Summary: Demonstration of how to share analytical methods beyond a single laboratory

Day 3 (Oct 7)– Click here for the full blog post

10 AM – Implementing the Allotrope Framework at biotechs – a case study between MacroMoltek and ZONTAL

  • Dennis Della Corte (ZONTAL), Monica Berrondo (MacroMoltek)
  • Summary: Use case of how ZONTAL Space enabled machine learning on MacroMoltek data